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Historic and Famous Landmarks in Fresno CA

by Author - January 28th, 2013

Fresno is known for being the innovator for many things in the nation, one of being recent is the first High-Speed Rail will be first constructed in Fresno, CA.

Fresno Chaffee Zoo

Fresno possesses the first Zoo in California, named after a predominant and world-renown zoological doctor in the world Dr. Chaffee,why move to Fresno the Zoo was named after him after his passing, The Chaffee Zoo.  The Chaffee Zoo is known for some of their exhibits being the largest and most close to mimic nature as possible in the nation.  There is also some very huge improvement in the works and some that have been finished recently, such as the Sea Lion Cove, where the City of Fresno tax payers voted and paid to build the largest Sea Lion exhibit in the nation.  The Sea Lion Cove exactly looks like the natural environment of the Sea Lion in the California Coast.  There is also a large underwater glass portion guest can look in amazement at the Sea Lions swimming underwater.  Another enormous improvement and addition to the Fresno Chaffee Zoo, Fresno purchased more land for the Zoo to expand the land addition will be known as the African exhibit.  The exhibit will house lions, cheetahs, rhinos and many more animals from the African environment.

Underground Gardens

Another tourist attraction that attracts visitors from all over the nation and world is the Forestiere Underground Gardens.  Simply put individual dung into the ground creating rooms, hallways and channels to live under the ground in Fresno CA.  The dirt was hand dung over a 40 year time period.  The Underground garden possesses patios, 90 rooms, courtyards, gardens and much more.  The Underground Gardens encompass over 4 and half acres, the tour guides always state that every visitor is amazed when they come and visit this man made underground gem.

There is plenty more historic and famous sights see and visit in Fresno CA, an amazing place if you are a historic buff.

The Cool things to do in Fresno CA

by Author - January 28th, 2013

Fresno, CA is known to be the gateway to one of the natural wonders of the world, Yosemite National Park, one of the cool things to do in Fresno CA.  People from all over the world visit, shop and dine in Fresno, CA before traveling to Yosemite National Park.

- Savemart Center

California State University, Fresno also is well known for the one of the biggest college arenas in the nation, The Savemart Center.  This arena holds concerts, games both college and pro leagues, ice skating shows and more.  The first show and the grand opening of the Savemart Center was also the first time this individual came to America, the world renowned opera singer Andrea Bocelli, he chose to sing in NYC and Fresno, CA for his first time performance in the United States of America.

- Shopping

One thing that Fresno CA is known for is the amount of malls this one city has.  Fresno CA has some of the biggest malls in California.  Visitors must remember that many people shop in Fresno CA before they vacation at Yosemite National Park.  One of those shoppers recently was Oprah, on a special show about her vacation to Yosemite National Park, her film crew was filming her shopping at River Park in Fresno CA.

List of the malls in Fresno CA:

- Fashion Fair Mall

- Sierra Vista Mall

- Fig Garden Village

- Manchester Mall

- River Park

- Villagio

- Newly Approved, unnamed mall that will become the biggest mall in Fresno CA

- Restaurants

You can’t have shopping without dining and that is where Fresno CA beats the rest.  Since Fresno CA is the bread basket of the world, all restaurants in Fresno CA have fresh foods daily.  There is an abundance, almost too much, variety of cuisines that Fresno CA offers.

List of Ethnic Cuisines in Fresno CA:

- Armenianwhy move to Fresno

- Arab

- Chinese

- Japanese

- Ethiopian

And virtually any other ethnic cuisine the world has to offer.

If you are hungry for Japanese sushi, Ethiopian Doro Wot or a great tender steak, stop by hungry to Fresno, CA.

The Great Schools in Fresno CA

by Author - January 28th, 2013

Fresno CA and Fresno county schools are known to be some of the best school in the country, displaying the great schools in Fresno CA.  Many of the schools produce highly academic and great athletes.  Many of the great schools in Fresno CA have produced scholars in many different fields.  Many ask why that Fresno CA and its counties have such great schools, because great attention and funds are allocated to the schools.  Fresno county schools, such as those in Clovis CA have been awarded best schools in the country over consecutive years on the basis of scholastics and sports.  Fresno schools have entered many state and national tournaments for various sports such as basketball and football.

This is one of the main reasons why California State University Fresno is one of the best athletic colleges in the nation.  From winning college World Series and having number one draft picks in basketball, baseball and football national leagues.

Awards that great schools in Fresno CA have received are as follows:

- Since 1986, Fresno CA schools have received over 40 California Distinguished schools awards.

- Edison High School has gained a lot of attention from even Newsweek as being one of the country’s top high schools, based on the amount of Advanced Placement tests.

- University High School in Fresno CA has received recognition from US News as Best High Schools Gold award.

Recap of why there are Great Schools in Fresno CA:great schools in Fresno

- Ranked high in the nation for Academics

- Ranked in the top percentile in the nation for Sports

- Numerous awarding winning schools

There is no doubt that there are great schools in Fresno CA and great schools in Fresno’s counties.  Fresno CA and its counties strive for excellence in the academy, athletics and personal develop.  These accomplishments are from the great oversight of Fresno’s school district, parents, the due diligence of funds in the correct places and of course the great students of the great schools in Fresno CA.

Tips on Choosing the Best Property Management in Fresno CA

by Author - January 29th, 2013

- Advertising Quality

There are many tips that that can be said about choosing the best property management in Fresno CA, but let us go over a few of them that should be highlighted moreover than any other there’re many things a property management companies can do to help you gain more income by trying to find and retain good tenants one thing that an investor needs to look into when deciding which property management company to choose is how they market their company and how they market your rental you want to know if they use a good amount of their resources for advertising you don’t want a property management company that does not spend a lot of time on their own advertising.  If the property management company does not spend much attention on their own advertising, imagine how much attention they will give your rental properties while they are marketing your rental to potential tenants.  If they do a poor job at advertising, then it may take a long time for you, as the investor, to gain and retain good tenants.  The longer you as the investor wait on filling your vacant rental properties the more money comes out of your pocket for other various expenses that the rental properties create.

- Specialization

It is best if you as the investor find out what the property management in Fresno CA specializes in.  Does the property management company specialize in commercial properties?  Does the property management company specialize in residential properties, if so what is the type of residential properties that they have experience in, such as town homes, condo building, single or multifamily homes, etc.?  While looking for the best property management company, you as the investor needs to inquire on why type of properties they can handle and if they answer that they can handle your properties, you then need to ask for references of the properties they manage that are similar to yours.  Be very upfront with the company, since you trust them with your expensive investment.

- Handling Issues

why move to FresnoOne way that a rental property owner can lose tenants is by not handling issues that rental properties may experience.  Issues, such as tenants that are problems, they stay up too late, party till sunrise, have dogs that do not stop barking, tenants that are causing problems such as crime and more.  The investor needs to be ensured that the property management company they hired will handle these types of issues, since the investor is too busy with other factors in their lives.  The property management company needs to enforce a set standard of rules and write up anyone who doesn’t obey them.  The investor needs to inquire from the property management company how they handle a certain issue, such as constant noisy tenants.  Judge their response closely, since the investor may have to sign a duration contract with the company and if they do not do a good job on their services, the investor may be stuck.

By following these tips on finding the best property management in Fresno CA you as the investor can be assured that your investment are in good hands.